Monday, April 3, 2017


Today was rainy and I don't mean a gentle sprinkle. I mean rain that sounds like a monsoon, where the lights flicker and the wind howls as the rain pelts the windows and you are grateful for shelter. Days like these are challenges to teachers of little ones. When you are in the same small room, with the same people and the same toys, you get a bit antsy. So we decided to plant flowers!
 We filled a dishpan with potting soil, a small bucket with seeds and a cup with water. We practiced using our scooping and counting skills. 1 scoop of dirt, a pinch of seeds and three tablespoons of water in our plastic cups. Slow and steady we got all 14 cups ready for spring. Now we get to wait and see what happens. Patience is not easy when you are 4, though. Next week we will work on the raised flower beds outside our classroom door and plant some vegetables.

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