Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I should start by saying I am a teacher. I think I always have been and probably always will be. I babysat other children at an age when I should've still needed a babysitter! I shudder to think that in this day and time either my parents or the parents of the children I was watching would probably be arrested. My mother tells a story of one of her close friends telling her that I taught her younger children how to pretend and play, and this was when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. I started my teaching career in special education. I knew from the beginning of my college course work that I had a desire to work with the youngest students, but at the time there was no birth-kindergarten degree or licensure, and early intervention was in its infancy. As soon as I became aware of the possibility of adding birth-kindergarten onto my teaching license, I was ready to do it. A good friend of mine helped me with the necessary paperwork and I was ready to go,according to the state of North Carolina. I then spent several very good years working in early intervention. From my point of view this was the best job ever, a combination of my love for special education and the birth-kindergarten population. Unfortunately, the company I worked for decided to follow the money, and teaching young children is usually not incredibly profitable, and eliminated the entire intervention unit. So I flitted from job to job for about three years and finally got back into the classroom, teaching 4 year olds. I was excited to have what is known as a developmental day class, meaning that I also had students identified with special needs. I had a great class and great coworkers but began to realize that I was sinking further and further into debt each year. Like I said making money as an early childhood teacher is difficult. So the decision to look elsewhere was made and I am happy to say that I have found other employment,but still within the realm of early childhood. I am over 4 classrooms at a small center. We opened for the new school year Monday and I am blessed to be working with like minded individuals who truly care about their students. I think that as I learn the ropes of the organization and support the faculty in their teaching it will be a great job that will allow me to use all my skills. All that to say, support education reform, teacher pay increases, and monies for early childhood education. Those of us in the field would greatly appreciate it.