Monday, October 19, 2009

My Sweet Boy

I know as a mom you are never to say that you have a favorite child, but every once in a while one moves up a notch in your heart for a particular reason. Course, the very next day that particular child moves down and another rushes in to take his spot!! A joke around my house is...when one of the boys asks me "why" usually regarding why won't I let them do something or have something to eat before dinner, I respond with "because you're not my favorite today."
--Well Sunday, number three son was my favorite for a window in time. On the way to church he innocently pipes up from the back seat "mom, is it okay that I told another boy about God?" As my heart swells and I tune out the brothers talking, I respond with Of course..tell me about it. He then proceeds to tell me in his 7 year old innocence, how when the teacher was out in the hall with another teacher, a child sitting next to him said something about going to church. My son said to this child, well then you know about God? The child said, "yes, God is a ghost." Well, my little man was appalled and said "no God is not a ghost. God lives in Heaven and he cares about you and me." I asked what the child said then and my son said that the boy responded with a thank you for telling me that, and my son said you are welcome.
Talk about warming your heart!! Now I know the child may have heard something about the Holy Ghost in church and with Halloween coming and all was just confused, but still. My little man was unafraid to speak up and sure about what he said. What more could I ask for? So for the Sunday morning drive...he was my favorite!!