Sunday, August 22, 2010

One down ...three to go

Well it is official,school has started and football has begun and I have one empty bedroom. The eldest has gone to college. I am not sure how it is possible for me to have a college age , half-grown son but who am I to question magic??
He has sent his laundry home, so it begins! And even though he is only 45 minutes away, I have friends who's children are hours away, it is weird and different. I quess because I know what this means. He will never really (hopefully anyway?!?) live in this house again. He already has plans for the summer, jobs and trips. I am sure he will meet other people to do things with on the weekends that are infinitely more exciting than mom, dad and little brothers. And I miss him.
He was actually turning the corner out of that awkward teenage phase and was (is) becoming someone you can actually have a conversation with and poof he is gone.
On the up side, the grocery looks like it will decrease a little :)
My sweet boy who used to dress up as a power ranger and watch Ole Yeller and the Rocky movies with his dad, is still here in my mind, but he nows shaves and is off making choices and decisions on his own. I hope that I have equipped him well, I hope he stays true to his ideals and values, I hope that the world is kind to him, but I know he will get hurt and he will make mistakes and girls will break his heart. I just hope that he remembers where home is.