Saturday, March 21, 2009

A tail of 2 dogs

We have a dog. Good 'ole Sadie, a mix of Rottweiler, Chow and Shepherd. She's a good dog, never gave us a problem, fierce sounding protective bark, easy going and very tolerant of the kids and all the torment they have put her through over the years. Loyal and dependable, just a good ole dog.

It must also be stated that Sadie , at the ripe ole age of 14, has earned a retirement of sorts. So what do we do to help ease her into old age gracefully.....

That's right..... a puppy.

But it's not entirely my fault or even my son's fault, (who saw him first)..I mean really..look at that face

I mean really it's entirely futile to resist. Of course, that was last spring.... and now we have this face.........
And this face is Crazy! This dog, Domino, or the Devil (affectionately,of course) makes my ADHD child look calm!. He has destroyed food bowls, water dishes, rubber toys, patio furniture, and even the siding on the house! He has escaped from collars, tie-out stakes, and fences. He will chase anything that is crazy enough to cross his path or that the wind blows and likewise will bark at it ( and the wind blowing). He thinks that Sadie's tail is there to entertain him. And no matter how many times she reminds him ,sometimes quite painfully, that her tail is not a chew toy, still he persists. He is crazy! But this dog, crazy as he is and I , we have a bond. You see, when he was still new to the world , and to us, he contracted Parvo and I, a squeamish person, learned to give a dog an IV. So here we, the boys, the coach (who feels the need to point out that this dog was not his idea) Sadie and Domino..Wish us luck!

My sister in law had several old school maps that were going to be tossed. And they ended up at my house, still not sure how that happened. One cold afternoon the boys were driving me crazy and I threw the maps out on the floor with several permanent markers. Heaven!! We are allowed to mark on these? They questioned me, after reassuring them that they would not get into any trouble.. hours of bliss followed. They drew and scribbled all afternoon. It was great!! Who needs toys?